Should You Rent Or Buy Construction Fences?

You may require fences for many occasions, but when should you rent or buy construction fences? Construction fences help add security to your site, provide barriers at events and for many other functions. Whatever your situation, it can be tricky deciding what would be the most economical. Thankfully, Temp Fence Depot is here to help you decide which option is best for you.

When Should You Rent Construction Fences

Construction fence rentals are a convenient and affordable option for multiple occasions, including:

Your need for fencing is for a short time and typically for irregular planned situations.
You don’t have time to handle installations and maintenance.
There is no storage available for downtime.

Any of the reasons above would be a great indication that you should rent construction fences.

How Does Renting Construction Fences Work?

Most of the time, renting construction fences is done month to month. Rentals are a cost-effective choice when your need for construction fences is for a short period. Sometimes you can even rent construction fences weekly but may end up paying more per linear foot.

You may also rent fence panels with gates if you require ease of access into the gated area.

When Should You Buy Construction Fences

Even though the name implies that these fences are short-term, there are many reasons to buy construction fences, such as:

You consistently require construction fences for events, construction sites, etc. and have durations longer than six months.
Your team can handle any construction fence installation and dismantle.
You have sufficient storage for any downtime.

Due to the frequency and duration of your needs, buying construction fencing is way more cost-effective.

How Does Buying Construction Fences Work?

While deciding if you’re going to buy construction fences, the most significant factor to consider is cost. The upfront cost will be considerably higher; however, you’ll be investing, so calculating cost vs use is essential.

You’ll also need to consider how many construction fence panels are required, which can be calculated based on your average usage. That way, you’ll be covered most of the time and can rent extra construction fences if need be.

Now you have all of the information about the differences between renting and buying construction fences; you’ll be able to conclude easier. If you’re stuck trying to decide if you should rent or buy construction fences, give Temp Fence Depot a call. Our representatives are happy to help, 416-838-4908.