What Is A Galvanized Fence?

You’ve heard the term “galvanized fence” but unsure as to what it means. What is a galvanized fence? Temp Fence Depot took their vast knowledge in the fencing industry to provide you with the best information about steel fencing below.

What Is Galvanization And What Does It Do To A Fence?

Galvanization is the process of coating a fence to make it more durable. This coating is typically zinc-based. Before galvanizing, the non-galvanized steel fence is inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Once the coating is applied, the metal underneath will last longer. The coating acts as a protective layer to prevent corrosion, rust and scratches. Ungalvanized steel fences are susceptible to poor weather conditions and rust.

Galvanized steel fences are among the most common types of fences you’ll come across. Generally, they are silver with visible metal, which gives them an industrial feel.

Pros Vs Cons Of Galvanized Steel Fences


Classic and familiar design. Most people are generally aware of this type of fence.
Galvanized steel fences are a cost-effective option in comparison to vinyl-coated fences.
Industrial feel. If you’re using fences in an industrial area, the galvanized steel fence works perfectly.


Industrial feel. If you’re using fences in a residential area, the galvanized fence may look out of place depending on the situation. The bright silver colour typically stands out from the natural environment.

Galvanized V.S. Powder Coated Fences

A powder-coated fence is another type of protection but is usually used indoors as it cannot withstand the elements like galvanized.

Powder coating is a popular option for events as the colours of the powder can be customized.

Will A Galvanized Fence Rust?

Generally speaking, a galvanized fence will rust if it’s left out in the right conditions (rain and humidity.) However, rust will take years more than on a non-galvanized steel fence, making it a crucial process for outdoor fencing and barricades.

How Long Will A Galvanized Steel Fence Last?

Fences that have been galvanized have been known to last for multiple decades. However, this is under ideal conditions. Many factors could shorten your steel fence’s life expectancy, from improper storage to pedestrian interactions.

Weather is also a massive contributor to the general wear and tear of your fences.

Buy Galvanized Fences In Confidence

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